Welcome to SupermanBody.com, the official site of bodybuilder and wrestler, Brandon Dennis. Also known as Python, many of you may recognize him from Thunders Arena, where he’s currently the #1 wrestler. His incredible muscle mass, insane leanness and unbelievable strength has gotten him national recognition. Because of his increasingly growing following, he has decided to start a personal site as a way to help and encourage others live a healthy lifestyle and develop their physiques. Below is a description of what you can expect to get as a member:

  • Photo Sets – Photos of Brandon training, competiting, and living life
  • Videos – Training videos, webcam videos, and candid videos
  • Regular Video Chats – Learn about what’s going on in Brandon’s life‚ straight from the source
  • … and much more!

You will surely be satisfied with the material Brandon chooses to feature on the site. So what are you waiting for? Take a look around the site and get a membership. This site is a way to help Brandon with supplement costs, food, and gym fees. So in return for your membership, he’ll be sure to keep the site updated and active.

Coming Soon: In the coming weeks, a store will be added, where you can purchase various products from Brandon, tangible and digital. More info coming soon.

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